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Where does one begin with the ‘who’ of Ziggy Samuels? A writer, a teacher; a vagrant, a workaholic; a hitchhiker, a hobbit. Ziggy has led many lives and worn many faces, so maybe the best place to start is simply to not.

Maybe the ‘who’ of Ziggy is redundant. Maybe his words stand for themself. Maybe his work speaks for him.

Maybe, Ziggy just got tired. He got tired of in-your-face branding. He got tired of the lie of the holy grail lifestyle run on the machine of empty hearts. He got tired of style over substance: the shallow people that chase shallower dreams.

Money is ugly; status is falsehood; fame is selfish validation. Everything we think we have is just rented from The Rot, save one thing: our integrity.

And so Ziggy created a place all of his own where he could say whatever he wanted and the metrics didn’t matter one tiny little bit – a place just for him, and you. 

A place that is here.

About This Place

This is a place of tranquillity and of reflection. It is a place to read words without being sold the something behind them.

Ziggy is but a man and a man must feed his family. His work can be yours for the right coin and he hopes you consider his services. You can even keep in tune with Ziggy. But beyond that, he simply hopes you enjoy his words.

Writing is but the art of telepathy. You and I exist as separate, private universes, and Ziggy’s is another world away from that again. But our language connects us: we connect through ideas.

We – he and I – hope you enjoy this place. We hope you return from time to time and read something new, or re-read something old. We hope you enjoy the words for word’s sake, no matter whether they are thoughtful, cathartic, melancholic, or even angry.

Ziggy’s sensei once told him that “The artist’s job is to not to succumb to despair but to find an answer to the emptiness of existence.”. Maybe Ziggy doesn’t have all the answers yet, but this place is a step in the right direction.

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