But if you’re here, then you must surely have an affection for them.

Here, you’ll find a lot of words, and not much else. This place is a place for Ziggy to share his work. A little piece of the artist is always left behind in the art – this is a place to connect and reflect.

Think of it as a rudimentary form of telepathy – a way for you and the artist to communicate. Words can heal; words can hurt. Words are tricky things; they play tricky games.

But if you’re here, then you should have a seat at the very least. The conversation has to start somewhere.

New Thoughts from the Void

For better or for worse, the void is always here.

 Ziggy’s Faves

Ziggy asked me to pass these along too. He mumbled something about “tickled fancies” then wandered off into the bushes.

The Woods Are Lovely, Dark, and Deep…

Choose a path.


Ziggy calls it “screaming into the void”: therapy meets telepathy meets you. Others might call it an electronic newsletter. Whatever you do, just don’t call it ‘Shirley’.

Ziggy hates that.

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Pick #1

Pick #3