There’s no consistency here. There’s no promise of when the newsletter will arrive or what it will contain. Only that it will.

It might be poetry or prose; it might be a pensive musing about a dying world. It could be a thoughtful reflection or a hard lesson recently learned. It could even be a particularly cheeky update on the life and times of Ziggy Samuels.

The only promise is that sometimes, the words come. They fill Ziggy’s head in a way that fries and overloads the circuits. And when those moments come, it is better to scream them somewhere than send them nowhere.

That is why it is called ‘A Scream Into the Void’. Whether the void responds is irrelevant – the void is always there.

But there’s honour amongst thieves. The good ones anyway.

The shortlist

A few select pieces for a little late-night insomnia.

Pick #2

Pick #1

Pick #3