a letter to a ghost

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In a place
Far away
I thought you would wait

So I left.

I packed a bag
tied my laces
into pretty bows
and left the bones
where I said I would

I found many truths
And I found so many of the lies that we tell ourselves are true

But I didn’t find you.

Time makes fools of us all.
In time,
the pretty bows came loose
as did the shoes
so I left them
with a wise old one

He told me many secrets
That he kept locked in his chest of treasures
Straw Hats with Crow Feathers
But no matter how hard I prayed
To your god and mine…
you never came.

Ghosts tell stories
the stories that define us
they whisper in our ears
and remind us of our failures
It becomes our fire.
And when the night burns long
And the cold seeps
between the cracks in our skin
and ices our bones…
The fire is all we have.

The circle must complete
The end only comes
Once we’ve devoured ourselves
So I keep going further

The world is a big place
We’re never truly alone.
I couldn’t find you,
but I found others like you.
People that saw the beauty
People that taught me to see the beauty
People that taught me that it doesn’t have to be so scary
We are not alone anymore

I still can’t find you
I still can’t find that place of yours
When I close my eyes
the ghosts show me

You’re sitting in that place.
I can hear the gently tossing water of the creek.
A thin breeze drapes our skin.
And when my fingers graze your hand…
You don’t pull away,
you smile.
You actually smile.

Let’s not call it sad.
Let’s just call it bittersweet.

Ziggy Samuels sitting pensively on a water piper in the forest in Wellington, New Zealand
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