That’s just you.

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That’s just you,
I always said
But the excuses were made of tender thoughts

They never held you up

You always come back,
I always said
And you always would

You’d bounce back in a bundle
as if you’d never left
Absence was simple for you
a second skin of ease
You never seemed to stop and think,
That maybe your absence was duly noted

That night you kissed me
I’d finally let it go
Silly pipedreams
of pirate queens
sailing the world

But your mind had changed
Just as it always did
Beware the girl that walks the land
with soles as hard as she is

The words come easy
So do the stints away
But staying
Time inside
That led you to your grave

The one I loved is gone
Replaced by a suit of steel
Hard outside, empty in
But at least so void of sin

Absence came easy to you
and this will be the same
Bones are hard to break
but hearts are not so kind

I left mine
Here with me
somewhere for you to find
Your bark hurt,
your bite was worse,
and now it’s left behind

Thats Just You Header Image
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